Message from General Director

Dear valuable customers, shareholders and business partners,
I am Hajime Kawasaki, General Director of Interfood Shareholding Company and Chairman of Vietnam Kirin Beverage Company.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude as a corporate leader for your precious supports and cooperation extended generously to our company. 
Our company has two big brands: WONDERFARM and KIRIN.  WONDERFARM has many types of traditional Vietnamese products like “Winter Melon”, “Birds Nest” and “Tamarind“. On the other hand, KIRIN is a strong Japanese brand which gives you innovative new products such as “Ice +” and “Latte”.  We are committed to provide all our Vietnamese consumers with full range benefits of soft drinks through these two brands.
Company’s vision is to be an attractive and valuable company for consumers by bringing health, pleasure and comfort to your lives through offering products based on your needs. 
Especially, we would like to focus on the field of Health and Well-Being. We offer products ensuring food safety and security by Japanese technology from KIRIN, and also develop products to enhance well-being by expertise of new products development. Through our soft drinks, we would like to contribute to well-being and happiness of Vietnamese people and support to solve health issues in Vietnam society.
“KIRIN” is a legendary and sacred animal, which is believed to bring goodness and is worshipped in many countries. I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity to all of you through our products just like the meaning of “KIRIN”.
Once again, I hope that “KIRIN” and “WONDERFARM” as symbolic brands of good relationship between Vietnam and Japan would be loved from Vietnamese people for the long term.

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