Vietnam KIRIN Beverage Company Limited is a wholly foreign owned enterprise of the Japan-based KIRIN HOLDINGS, which is specialized in the production and trading of beverage products.

In 2012, the business department of Vietnam KIRIN Beverage Co., Ltd was officially merged into INTERFOOD for the entrusted production of beverages.

Nowadays, Vietnam KIRIN Beverage Co., Ltd manufactures beverage for KIRIN Group. Besides, we are also entrusted to make beverage for other beverage and food companies.

Vietnam KIRIN Beverage Co., Ltd possesses the world’s most advanced assembly line with Aseptic filling technology, to make PET beverage bottles. Furthermore, we use devices from Japan and Europe to make our products with Japan’s qualities. Our most modern Aseptic filling process can produce the high-quality milk based products at a low cost.

Product : beverages in PET bottles.
Volume : 280 ~ 500 ml.
Types : green tea, coffee, fruit juice.

Equipment manufacturers

Extracting – Mixing – Sterilize

Extract ingredient in Extracting Tank . We have 2 extracting tanks.
Extracted liquid will be sent to Mixing tank. Well mixed liquid will be sent to UHT for sterilize.
Sterilized liquid will be send to Aseptic tank. Aseptic tank keep sterilized condition.


Blowing bottle from Preform

We can make PET bottle from preform in our factory.
We can check PET bottle condition by Automatically.
PET bottle which not matched with standard will reject automatically.


Aseptic filling machine

Inside of Aseptic chamber is keeping clean condition by Positive pressure.
Sterilized liquid is filled in sterilized PET bottle, sterilized closure is fasten on PET bottle.
All procedure is done inside of Aseptic chamber.


Vietnam Kirin Beverage Company, Limited.

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Fax: (0274) 3556 382

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